How to Enroll 70% of Patients in CCM in Less than 2 Months


There is so much buzz around Chronic Care Management, the benefits to patients, and the revenue potential for providers. Everyone seems to be interested in CCM, and wants to take advantage of the new CMS program.

Learn How To Enroll 70% of Eligible Patients [click here] 

Yet the most recent CMS report from November shows only 100,000 claims have been filed so far. Why have practices been so slow to adopt the program?


With every program implementation and execution are key. Typical practices are only signing up a fraction of potential patients. We have seen great success rolling out our programs with hospitals and small and large offices. 

Our implementation plan has seen great results. We are seeing practices hit enrollment levels of 70% in as little as two months. Today too many doctors are leaving potential revenue on the table from code 99490

At Oculus we have deciphered the formula to maximize patient enrollment, and to keep the patients enrolled and engaged on a monthly basis. Click below to learn how to increase enrollment in your chronic care management program.

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