How an integrated Care Plan Can Help With Home Health Care

These days, many individuals and families opt to supplement care that they provide to aging parents with home health care services involving nurses and other medical personnel, instead of placing loved ones in nursing homes. Monitoring our elderly with real-time data from patient homes is an essential part of comprehensive care management.

New technologies can not only become part of an integrated care plan, but can also become essential tools that enhance management and coordination of care for individuals with chronic conditions. Family members often are not aware of what drug efficacies or ways to track conditions. With integrated health care, quality home-based management becomes easier, while care becomes optimized at the same time, as all those involved in patient care will be made aware of the patient's care adherence, disease progression, and ability to intervent at the right time.

In-home technologies can provide digital health monitoring and tracking to enable managers outside of the home to monitor patients and respond to their conditions in real time. Such record systems can enable home care aides, family caregivers, and patients themselves to enter enormous amounts of essential healthcare data, regardless of their computer skills or healthcare literacy. This information can include medication intake, vital signs, daily routines and even state of mind.

The ability to monitor vital signs, comply with care plans and adherence to medication schedules allows better control of chronic conditions and provides for earlier interventions when problems occur. When case managers have such information, they can improve the quality of service and prevent the further decline of patients.

Digital healthcare records from home can help seniors or younger individuals with chronic conditions to better manage their healthcare outcomes.

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Our solutions enable remote monitoring and care collaboration amongst caregivers, families and providers to ensure most transparent and effective care delivery.

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How an integrated Care Plan Can Help With Home Health Care

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