Helping Elderly Parents Remote Care

Elderly with chronic conditions

If only I had had the tools and the support of technology and services like Oculus Health to help my parents maintain their quality of life and get them the care they needed.

My Story

Mom and Dad were in their 80's and living independently. 
I lived in another state and visited twice a year. My brother lived locally, but was not as attentive to their physical and mental needs as I would have liked. When I visited, I could tell Dad's mental health was declining, later diagnosed as Alzheimer's. Mom saw herself as a bridge player and golfer who could leave Dad alone for periods of time, until she fell and cracked her pelvis. Thus began my entry into the world of the elderly with chronic conditions.

My Challenges

  • Finding doctor's names and contact information scribbled in an old address book or the margins of the white pages
  • Verifying dates of medical appointments based on entries in a dog-eared calendar
  • Compiling a complete list of medications starting with a slip of paper in a desk drawer that had no reference to what conditions they were prescribed for
  • Having no easy access to health care providers due to my geographic distance and due to HIPAA regulations Not having a list of diagnoses, conditions, treatment plans in one place


  1. Organizing all their medical data in one place 
    Obtaining a summary of notes, treatment plans, and appointments easily accessible virtually by all family members and caregivers.

  2. Communicating with providers and family members via a secure system

  3. Personalized health coaching and self management guidance.

My parents were not computer savvy, but that would not have been a roadblock to quality care if we had the ability to share information with family. In some ways this virtual solution would have been less intrusive than continuing to grill them for information and rifling through their files.

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Helping Elderly Parents Remote Care

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