Chronic Care Management: Improving Remote Care Delivery

Chronic Care Management: Improving Remote Care DeliveryManaging health isn't always easy, whether it's for yourself or someone you love. Add to this chronic conditions and other medical issues, and the difficulty level can seem through the roof. "Despite everyone's (well, most people's) good intentions transitions between care settings - home, hospital, rehab - are often poorly handled. Medications are duplicated or dropped. Families are left confused about basic issues no one takes the time to explain. Once home, hired aides may or may not understand how to provide appropriate care. "

The advent of modern application care coordination technologies along with dedicated human support, can facilitate and tremendously improve care. This new, more connected age of care can not only help you feel better in control of wellness, but allows for a more seamless experience in accessing and engaging health professionals - when and where you need them. Here's why it's the next great thing for managing a healthier life.

Care coordination: innovating better care

Care coordination begins by utilizing a personal health management platform to centralize your medical records and daily user-generated, condition-specific details about your health. This platform not only makes easy-to-access up-to-date information about your health (including data recorded through FDA approved wearables) available to your doctors and providers in the moment, but it connects you better to them, and them with each other. This makes it easier than ever for them to obtain better insights into your health and provide a more personalized level of care as you manage chronic conditions.

Reframing the norms of care

Coordinating care should be simple, but anyone who's been through the system knows, it's often not. There's repetition, endless calls and errors in a system historically rooted in paper and phone-based processes. Now, with new mobile and easy-to-use communication technologies, we can make this process better - especially to benefit those with chronic conditions who need to get care right every time.

Care coordination platforms such as Oculus Health help you organize the process of getting care much more easily, utilizing improved technologies to communicate and share information more effectively leading to more positive outcomes. With care coordination, you receive a comprehensive and personalized care plan from providers who want to engage with you in an effort to better manage conditions. Continuously connecting in a network together, you can efficiently work toward the goal of optimal results in all areas of health management, from home and office visits, to procedures, surgery and recovery.

To this end, our smart technology platform aided by dedicated and passionate health assistants further enable personal efforts toward better health. This includes the ability for smart phones, laptops and tablets to deliver health reminders and alerts, quick-reference health information and other Oculus health tools so you can stay atop of what you need to do to stay well - like keeping doctor visits, following health orders more closely and taking medications on time.

The benefits of connected care

Some of the benefits of joining Oculus provider/patient network include:

  1. Increased ability for doctors to track patient progress between visits through secure messagings and patient-centric actionable alerts.

  2. Easy-to-understand test results, condition-specific data visualizations and lab studies available across specialties

  3. Provider/patient secure messaging for non-face-to-face consultation methods.

  4. Seamless transmission of medical orders for all care team associates.

  5. Patient-centric care delivered via alerts and reminders for medications, appointments, etc to support self management tools.

  6. The ability for your doctors to collaborate through texts and image-sharing within a secure HIPAA compliant platform

  7. 24/7 and 365 day support from certified health professionals.

Empowering health today

Utilizing a easy-to-use care coordination platform like Oculus places you in control of health and your own information while keeping you and your doctors on the same page as you manage better wellness. Be empowered to receive more connected care today. Sign up for a coordinated care program that tailors to your needs, or the needs of someone you love. Visit Oculus Health to start the journey.

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