3 Major Pitfalls of Chronic Care Management

shutterstock_330177629.jpgThe need for chronic care management cannot be understated. The American population has seen an increase in its number of citizens over the age of 65. Figures from 2012 note that people over the age of 65 make up 13.7 percent of our population, or roughly 43 million people. Medicare CPT code 99490 now allows for reimbursement for primary care providers for remote chronic care management. This creates solutions for the following three chronic care pitfalls.

  1. Providing Full Care: An area where chronic care is failing is in patients undergoing repeated trips to the hospital which are unplanned responses to health issues. Attempts have been made to reduce unneeded visits simply by reducing Medicare coverage for such events. However, the best solution is not financial, but health related. By providing chronic care management, patients are treated at their homes, and such preventive care reduces unplanned and unneeded hospital visitation.
  2. Bringing Healthcare To Patients: Also, Medicare patients having to travel to the hospital for treatment creates undue stress both on the patients themselves and on the hospital staff. Chronic care management needs to be brought to the patients, not the other way around. By having chronic care done at home, patients are healthier, more satisfied, and visit the hospital far less. This is an ideal situation for all involved parties, and one that Oculus Health helps provide through data management and information sharing.
  3. Compliance: A common concern among health care providers is that their chronic care management partners meet compliance laws such as HIPAA. This fear has many healthcare providers not making use of CCM even though their patients qualify. At Oculus Health, we follow the law to the letter and you don’t have to worry about the safety of your information.


To avoid these issues, chronic care management companies such as Oculus Health can help. Here at Oculus we are devoted to giving the best assistance possible to doctors, management, and patients. We have not just a job but a duty to help the sick with their healthcare needs. When you need chronic care management solutions, come to us.

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