10 Signs You Should Invest in Chronic Care Management

photo-1450500392544-c2cb0fd6e3b8.jpgChronic Care Management is growing at a rapid rate. As a healthcare provider you likely have questions and concerns about CCM. What follows are 10 reasons that CCM is a sound investment and signs that it's one you may need.

  1. The Population Is Aging: American citizens over the age of 65 will represent 21.7 percent of the population by 2040, and as of 2013 represent 14.1 percent of the population. With an aging population, the need for CCM services becomes more and more essential. If you worry about your ability to meet the needs of your aging patients, that’s a sign you need more invested into your CCM program.  

  2. You Have Patients Not Making Use Of CCM: Currently, two thirds of Medicare recipients qualify for the definition of CCM due to having two or more chronic conditions as per code 99490. Despite having so many patients that qualify (35 million), only 100,000 reimbursements for CCM were reported by Medicare. CCM is reimbursed by Medicare. By not making use of it patients are not getting the best care possible.

  3. You Require Assistance Setting Up CCM: A lot of doctors and medical professionals are simply unaware of how to set up CCM services. Over 50 percent of doctors are planning to set up CCM services but are waiting on more information, management approval, etc. If you’re wanting to set up a CCM system but don’t know where to start then CCM service providers such as Oculus Health can help. We not only help you set up a CCM system but also train your employees on how to use it.   
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  4. You Need Better Ways To Manage At Home Care: At home care is a valuable tool for the treatment of many chronic conditions. These conditions are not life threatening but do require regular upkeep and treatment. Talking to a patient over the phone in combination with a detailed and updatable health care plan is a very effective method of treating long term conditions. CCM allows you to make better use of at home care as a medical solution.

  5. Patients Are Making Too Many Appointments: Without CCM, many patients are having to make unscheduled appointments or emergency room visits for health issues. Chronic care management can help to prevent some of these expensive visits. Naturally unneeded visitation drives up medical costs, uses up valuable time, and is stressful for patients and doctors alike. However, the patients in many cases have no other alternatives for treatment of the conditions they have. Many are unaware CCM is even an option. By investing in CCM you allow your patients peace of mind along with a more affordable and logical form of treatment.  

  6. Leveraging Technology: Leveraging technology in the medical field can be difficult. Using an integrated chronic care management software solution makes it easy to integrate with your existing EHR software. Building your own system would cost time and money that you may not have. By using an outside CCM services you gain access to technology and assurance that your CCM program is compliant. 

  7. You Have Documentation Concerns Despite Overwork: A chief concern of many healthcare providers is information security. It is certainly understandable given local and federal regulations concerning patient privacy. You want to ensure your software is HIPPA compliant. Our record keeping is highly detailed and meets all legal requirements. Plus, our technology is protected by top of the line modern security tools. By trusting us with your CCM information you not only gain detailed information for your records but also lessen the workload and make your care more efficient.    

  8. You Are Not Receiving CCM Reimbursement: CCM is covered by Medicare, however, many doctors are not receiving their reimbursements. They are simply not taking advantage of the current legal framework by establishing a CCM system and instituting a sign up process for patients.

  9. You Are Concerned About Quality Of Life: First and foremost, CCM improves the quality of life for patients by allowing them to receive personalized at home care. If you see that your patients are not receiving all the care they need or managing their conditions in the best way possible, then CCM can help.  

  10. ROI For CCM Services: Lastly, you may be wondering if the return on investment for CCM is sound. At Oculus Health we lead the industry in terms of patient engagement and interaction. The money you save in CCM will be apparent. However, what cannot be measured in monetary value is the quality of life we help you provide your patients.   

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